Why study in Germany

World’s top technical Universities

Germany offers more than 16,000 courses in over 350 universities. It is also the home of TU9, the esteemed group of the nine most prestigious, oldest, and largest technical universities in Germany

100% scholarship programs

The German Public Universities offer scholarships that cover 100% of the tuition fee for both Bachelor and Master degree programs. This makes Germany a very cost-effective destination to study abroad.

1 Million Vacancies for Engineers & IT professionals

Germany is known for its engineering standards. The extensive research and development that drives the German engineering firms presents excellent career opportunities.

Starting salary Rs. 40 Lacs

The starting salaries in Germany are among the highest in the world. A fresh graduate can earn around 48,000 Euros per annual.Germany has much to offer as a place to study. There are over 16000 courses to choose from. These are keeping in mind the international scenario i.e. recognized qualifications such as Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are offered. There are courses in German as well as English for foreign students. Foreign students have an opportunity to learn German during their stay in Germany.Additionally, cost of living in Germany is lower that other European countries. Here, monthly expenditure can be as low are €600,-. And, students can work for up to twenty hours a week, earning €8-10 an hour, to support their cost of living.International students can avail an 18 months job search visa and can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of studying and working in Germany.

Most Valuable German Brands